"Ik wil beelden maken die nog niet gezien zijn, en volstrekt mijn eigen stempel drukken als graficus en illustrator."

zondag 21 december 2008

Tekst uit de middelbaar-oude doos (1)

Een schrijfoefening van mij voor Engels toen ik ongeveer 17 jaar oud was.

"Writing: 'My (school)diary'" (fictief)

the first of september 2003

What a bad weather! With different feelings I have looked forward to this day. First of all I'm glad to see my classmates again, after this long time away from school. It's also very strange because it seems like I'm returning from a long, floating journey and from now on I'm back on firm ground. This was just a small spacetrip to a different world!!

This morning I woke up very early. The same scene as in former days. The director of my own movie: to stand up, to make my toilet, to brush my teeth, to dress, to have breakfast, to prepare lunch-bread with choco-(I'm pretty conservative on this area. Maybe it could mean that I have to take more risks in my life?)...Then it's time to go to school.

When I'm walking to the bus stop, I greet this beautiful new day that God has created for us. I see the rising sun on the horizon, the wakening of (the) nature and the dusky clouds on the sky; a brand new day is coming up!

In the bus I'm looking through the window: rainy clouds come along. And, even then, my eyes still see rainbows in it. When I set foot ashore, life begins as it usually does. I see my classmates again (also a new one; a girl from Equador named Steffi). A couple of minutes later I meet my new teacher and classroom. The start has made! Our train travels up forwards across the new schoolyear. We're all sky raiders! Probably it'll be a trip full of surprises!!!

the first of july 2004

When I'm writing this down it feels like I still don't realize the year has finished. Every year the same song. At the end you always do regret it's over.

I wish I had a kind of button right in my head so I could push it if necessary. Our...It would be much better if I were master of the time, so I could stop it when I have to say "good-bye". The parting comes certainnly on a moment you don't expect it will come. In my eyes it's very painful and treacherous!

Most of all it was a nice year to go out to! It's a terrific feeling my results were rather good. I'm very proud of it. Our schooltrain has (luckily) not crashed. We've had a wonderful time. I think the secondary schoolyears are one of the most wonderful, inspiring and interesting periods in your life. I've enjoyed myself a lot during these six years. Although the parting struck as a bomb on my emotional temper, I've locked up many good memory's in my heart.

Good-bye school, I'll never forget you! You'll always take a special place in my heart. I'm leaving the gravitation and take my reconnaissance flight to a wide unrecognizable planet; my new destination in adultland.

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